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Black Bear Vineyard Follow the Journey
Black Bear Vineyard Follow the Journey

Our first step was to figure out what type of soil we had.  We needed to determine if we had the right soil composition to grow grapes on our land. “Hey Ted, get a shovel and start digging.” 

We choose the southernmost portion of our land as the location to plant our grape vines.  To find out what type of soil we have, we sent a sample to UNH Coopertive Extension which provides soil analysis and lets you know if it is suitable for the crop you are looking to grow.  We then took a mason jar, filled it with half soil and half water and placed it on the window sill.  After a couple of days you could see the separation of the soils.  The heavy sand settled out first, followed by silt, and then clay.  The organic matter floated to the top.  The best grape growing soil has a combination of all these elements.  Looks like we have some good soil, but we will get the professional opinion so off to the lab.



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